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Before you check this list, remember: Books are great, but moms are busy.

You can barely find the time to take a shower, let alone sit down and read. That’s why a number of the books listed in the first category can provide a benefit even if you only read a few paragraphs at a time. You don’t need to read them from beginning to end, because they are designed with busy moms in mind.

POEM is in the business of mom support, so this list is not meant to make you feel guilty if you don’t run to the library the first chance you get. Don’t think of these books as one more chore on your never-ending “to do” list. This list is just another tool available to help you conquer PPD. Think of it as a resource, not a mandate.

PPD Books by Pros that Know

Personal Stories

Pregnancy and Mood Disorders

Pregnancy after PPD

Maternal Mood Issues

Mommy Myth-busting

For Dads

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